Physiotherapy Consult

At Rebound Physio you can expect:
  • Longer treatment sessions
  • Private treatment rooms where you can discuss your injury in a private, focused setting
  • Personalized care from experienced physios
Why choose physio?

Physiotherapists are professionals with a minimum 4 year university degree. Anyone can give advice, but a physiotherapist is educated to properly assess, diagnose and treat your injury. This is the fundamental difference between a physio and many others who work in the health and fitness industry.

What to expect?

An initial consultation will begin with the physio asking some questions. To help us diagnose the injury we are interested to obtain several pieces of information relating to the pain and your relevant medical history.

We will then undertake a physical examination of the painful area. This involves palpating the region, assessing posture and analyzing your movements (e.g. walking, bending, running, flexibility and strength). There are also special orthopaedic tests that help us assess the integrity of various ligaments and tendons. Once this is finished we will usually have enough information to make a diagnosis.

At RP we are focused on delivering a high quality service to our patients and each session will always include treatment of the injury. This invariably includes some hands-on treatment like massage, taping or exercise.

What should I wear?

It really depends on the area being treated. For lower back pain it is recommended to wear something comfortable like a pair of shorts or stretchy pants. For knee pain shorts are best and for most other injuries we can generally make do. The shoes you exercise in if your injury is in the lower limb.

What should I bring?

  • Any relevant x-rays or scans
  • Your private health card (if you have one)