Post Op and Injury Rehabilitation

ACL reconstruction

Over the years we have successfully rehabbed hundreds of ACL repairs. Our rehab protocols have continued to improve over time and our rate of re-rupture has been extremely. Initial

Post op rehab

We also frequently see people recovering from spinal surgery. Lumbar discectomy and fusions are the two most common spinal procedures we see. Surgery is usually reserved for patients who fail conservative treatment and have very specific neural pain or significant pathology like a spondylolisthesis. Surgery is often effective in relieving nerve or sciatic pain, it may not be as successful in relieving back pain itself.

It is important to commence some rehabilitation with a physiotherapist following your spinal surgery. Early on walking can be the best thing you can do as a form of therapy. Neural mobilisations and gentle stretching of the lumbo-pelvic muscles and light core exercise are useful as pain allows. Your surgeon will give you some guidelines as to when you are able to resume more strenuous strength work. Usually after discectomy this will be at 6-8 weeks and for a fusion 12 weeks. It is important not to push heavy exercise after a lumbar fusion to ensure that the screws or bone grafts are nice and solid.