• DSC02158_copy

    Explaining a lower back injury

  • DSC02155_copy

    One of two private treatment rooms

  • DSC02240

    Balance exercise to strengthen the knee and ankle

  • physio_consultation

    Shoulder mobilisation following rotator cuff repair

  • DSC02452_copy

    End stage rehab following shoulder dislocation

  • DSC02420

    Lumbar mobilisation – Acute low back pain 56 yo male

  • Acceleration gym next door

    Acceleration gym next door for rehab

  • DSC02387

    Strength following ACL repair 23 yo male

  • DSC02227_copy

    Goniometer measuring knee flexibility

  • Femur

    Total knee replacement 65 y.o male

  • Patella

    Stiff knee following fracture femur – 60 y.o male

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